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Monday Maker - Amy and Meg from Yummy! Ideas

Who doesn't love treats?
Today we have our very first interview with a foodie BrisStyler.

Meet Yummy! Ideas creators Meg and Amy.

I managed to interview them recently to find out how they got started with their unique food label: Yummy! Ideas

Don't you just love that name?

Thanks so much for your time. Now we would love to know if you were creative as a child.
Actually, no. Not really. But I always loved to cook - and didn't necessarily equate creativity with that.

And how would you describe your work?
Yummy! Ideas can be taken very literally - we hope to provide as many people as possible with yummy ideas that help them have successful cooking and dining moments with friends and family.

We believe 100% that creating and sharing a meal with or for friends and family is the best way to really connect and enjoy someone's company.

How has your work 'grown' since you started?
Our launch product from January 2015,  'Date Night: Romantic Menu' is what we planned to produce with various changes to the menu and inclusions plus an online component with all the trimmings. However through market research, this product has quickly streamlined as our clients give us feedback about what THEY like most about the product.

- FLAVOUR IS THE WORD and we are delivering that to our best ability with a growing herb and spice range created along with each menu. Each recipe is also developed with tweaks to help people tailor our ideas to their needs. 

The original 'Date Night: Romantic Menu' is now produced as 'Yummy! Menu: Date Night for 2' 
which includes the herb and spice packets and the full set of recipe cards, with shopping list etc.  

We now also create small batch jars of our range for our clients to re-order their favourites and we are actively seeking a wholesale market for our Herb and Spice Range.

Do you sell online? 

We haven't focused on selling online at this point.  We have an Etsy shop and a product order form on our website but at this point sales are word-of-mouth and exposure through markets and fundraisers.

Who inspires you?

Any person interested in cooking! 

I am inspired to create new flavour profiles, recipes & menus and to offer any tweaks, advice and tips asked for, to help raise confidence! 

Cooking and sharing good food is so rewarding on so many levels - at Yummy! Ideas we are also committed to keeping everything we produce not only tasty but cost effective for our clients because we believe that people will create and share good food more regularly if it’s sustainable to do so and if the recipes and ingredients in the pantry are reasonably easy to obtain and reproduce.

'I love old cooking books'

Are you able to reduce, reuse or recycle as part of your creative process? 

We fill re-usable screw top glass jars with our herb and spice blends plus we source everything we produce locally.  

Our message about produce is to buy local, seasonal, sustainable and organic - whether that’s an apple, a chicken or prawns - our newsletter is affiliated with two local businesses that advocate the same. 

Can you describe your workspace? 

The Studio is located in Amy’s home in Highgate Hill. 

The office section is creatively messy with recipe and menu ideas in progress  & the test kitchen doubles as a family kitchen - the small batch process for our Herb and Spice Blends takes over the entire workspace on a large island as needed.

Do you have a favourite recipe?

I develop the flavours and create the recipes and menus - I get really excited when a new flavour profile comes together - the possibilities are then endless - it’s a rush.

How did you come up with your business name?

I created personalised cook books for my children to take with them when they left home and the titles were Yum!my ideas for Meg… Yum!my ideas for Luke.. - that was the starting point for the name of the business.

Where do you see your creative journey taking you in the next 12 months? 

We are aiming to have the Herb and Spice Blends find a wholesale market. 

Also a new range we recently launched with Chocolate Spice has the potential to be a wholesale product as well. Still new beginnings with that product and collecting market analysis.
Do you have a top tip for others wanting to break into the handmade/creative field?

Let it grow organically.

Can you describe for us your typical creative day? 

Ha!  Usually it starts as a very non creative day - with lots of commitments that should be addressed and then the ideas start coming and I give in to them and just follow where it leads.  

It doesn’t always make sense but I trust to let it happen now and write everything down or start messing with the flavours etc. The commitments I should have addressed get handled eventually…..

What is your favourite quote?


Do you have a favourite CD to listen to while creating?

At the moment I'm drawn to The Black Keys - at a high volume!

What is your favourite handmade item that you have bought? 

A Spurtle - I bought it from a wood turner on the Sunshine Coast a few years back - it is a Scottish creation for stirring porridge. Very useful and beautiful.

Where can we find you online?
How long have you been a BrisStyler?

Not even a year yet.  And I became a member because I thought it would give me good market exposure.

I usually ask everyone 'Why do you craft" but in this case I will ask you 'Why do you Create?'

I create tasty recipes and menus to encourage others to experience that lovely feeling one gets when producing something they and others enjoy together! 

Its the best!! Very empowering!

Thanks so much for your time, you've made me hungry and inspired me to bake some yummy scones. 

x Anita

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