Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Introducing The Amazing Pram Purse!!

As a mother of two young boys, Jo Auton knows how essential it is to make things as easy as possible – life is just too busy for unnecessary complications. Her invention the “Pram Purse” was born out of the need to have everything she needed at her fingertips whilst walking with the pram with her young sons. “So often, I would miss a call when the phone rang, because I simply couldn’t find the phone in time!” , says Jo.

One day, while walking (which Jo acknowledges walking should be more than just one day! She’s working on it! ) , the idea of the pram purse came to her. Why not store all your essentials on the handle of the pram or stroller so you can get to it easily, she thought?

So… the pram purse was born. Made out of heavy duty denim, each pram purse is large enough to store your mobile, house keys, cash etc – all those essential items that need to be handy. You simply button the strap onto the handle of the pram or stroller and away you go. The easy zipper opening means you can find what you need … and fast! You can even use it on a shopping trolley.

Each Pram Purse features a stylish fabric strip and is lined in the same fabric. They make the perfect accessory for the mum on the go and a great gift for a mum to be! Visit Jo’s etsy shop http://www.prampurse.etsy.com to see her designs which are made out of the latest fabrics on the market.


Hot Fudge said...

Love the Pram Purse, Jo - it's sure to be a winner. And welcome to Brisstyle!

Bec said...

The pram purse really is such a fabulous idea. I have passed your link onto many people with babies and young kids. So stylish, and such amazing value! Cheers, Bec.