Wednesday, September 14, 2011

:: Lights, Camera, Action :: Info Session Wrap

Actually.... lighting, aperture, composition, angles, props, models, cameras and now action, with a capital A!

Mel captivates the audience

Melanie Gray Augustin, from Kimono Reincarnate, certainly had all her tips and tricks happening on how to take amazing photos for our online stores. As you can imagine we were all soaking them up like the veritable online-crafting-hungry-sponges that we are!

Indie Cupcakes courtesy of Tanz
Morning Tea was once again reminiscent of a CWA get together with Indie Cupcakes and other home baked delights ...and then we were all rarin' to go again to get as many more tips as we could from Mel.

It was such a successful session that we will repeating it at least twice in 2012. So stay tuned for all the dates coming soon and in the meantime fire your camera up for the 5 hot tips from the day:
  1. Turn off your flash and use natural light wherever possible
  2. Crisp clean pics are the go - use your aperture if you have one on your camera
  3. Shoot from different angles and remember the rule of thirds in your composition
  4. Keep your background simple and show your item in situ (modeled)
  5. Be consistent with your style / overall look

Once again a big Thank You to Mel and to all those who came along to share the day. To keep the session and the tips alive, we'd LOVE you to share your hot tips, so please leave a comment here or on facebook!

STOP PRESS: Very exciting news indeed coming real soon about the October 22 and November 5 BrisStyle Information Sessions. Mark the dates in your diaries as it's going to be very exciting!

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