Tuesday, September 6, 2011

:: I Heart Etsy :: Notes :: Part 2

Did you miss Part 1 of the :: I Heart Etsy :: Information Session SNAPSHOT notes? Don't fret, you can catch up over here then pop back for Part 2. In this installment we will be briefly covering pricing, shipping/postage, product titles, product descriptions and tagging. Don't forget that we will be running the :: I Heart Etsy :: Information Session again next year so for the full low down stay tuned for the announcement of our 2012 sessions.

Image Courtesy of Wicked Child Designs
Your time is valuable and you should reflect this in the price of your items. You might like to read over this useful Etsy article when contemplating the price of your items. For a more in depth look at pricing, stay tuned for details of our October 22 Information Session - Pricing, Wholesaling & Consignment!

  • Make your postage as cheap as you can.
  • Postage will be cheaper if you keep your packages under 20mm in thickness.
  • Take time packaging your items - we all love receiving a nicely wrapped parcel from the postman.
  • Add something small in with your items as a 'thank-you'.
  • Buy all your postage needs - envelopes/padded bags etc. in bulk to save $$ - they are cheaper by the 100.
  • If selling regularly, register at your local post office/business centre for a Business Post account - this will reduce the cost of shipping both locally and overseas.
  • A useful link - Shipping How-To.

Product Titles
Titles should be descriptive instead of whimsical.
  • Ensure you mirror your description details in your tags.
  • Say what the item is first ie: earrings, then colour and materials.
  • Keep any whimsical product names to the end e.g. Blue Moon.
  • Use both Australian and US spellings - depending on your biggest customer base.

Product Descriptions
Remember to answer all the questions your buyers might have in the description field of your listing.
  • Make your descriptions quirky and interesting.
  • Put all your descriptions in a word document for easy editing and uploading.
  • Ensure you describe colours and sizes accurately.
  • When pitching to the US market put your sizes in inches as well as centimetres.
  • If selling clothing/shoes then add a conversion link to your descriptions to make it easy for your customer: something like this.
  • Your descriptions should be personable, articulate and free from spelling and grammar issues.

Get specific! Colour, texture, style and size are as important as the type of item it is.
  • Use the one tag line to enter multiple words.
  • Ensure you are as descriptive as you can be with your colours.
  • If you belong to a street team then add their name to your tags.
  • Add your location ie. Brisbane Australia.
  • Some useful tips for tagging.
Stay tuned for Part 3 of the :: I Heart Etsy :: Information Session SNAPSHOT notes. In Part 3 we will be covering the ins & outs of getting your shop noticed: listing/relisting, Etsy Communities, telling the world and staying active.

Click here for more info on BrisStyle's upcoming Information Sessions!

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