Friday, March 23, 2012

Crafty D.I.Y

Today we are sharing some sweet inspirations, with the "Bunny" in mind!

How adorable are those Easter cake pops?!
Bakarella blog is revealing the secrets behind the scene for making some amazing Easter Bunny Cake pops...
They would sure impress the crowds!

Image Source

If you prefer cute cookies, head over to bakingdom blog for some more baking cuteness!

Image Source

You can find some cute printables
Image Source
And some Bunny cupcake wrappers with directions on how to make them...
Image Source
That's all for today, 
we hope you are feeling totally inspire to go in baking mode this weekend!

Happy Friday!


Hot Fudge said...

Thank you so much girls - have already downloaded that adorable Bunny Cupcake Wrappers PDF.

Sandrine said...

Great to hear Robyn!! x