Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your Creative Business: Where do your customers come from?

'I am very busy and very important' Pendant by Gone Dotti
According to THIS Etsy blog post 'Identifying where your customers come from is the first step to getting more customers!' This week's 'Your Creative Business' post is for all the Etsy sellers out there and will look at a great feature called 'Shop Stats'. Shop Stats is an Etsy feature designed to help shop owners develop a better understanding of their business by including information about how your customers find you, where they come from etc.

To view your Etsy Shop Stats visit the Etsy Help page HERE and follow the easy step by step instructions!

Etsy Shop Stats now also includes information on how shoppers have come across your items, the keywords they searched by and the sites that link to your items.
To find out more information about Etsy Shop Stats pop over and read this great Etsy Blog ARTICLE!


emmaline said...

Very good advice, I only checked out my shop stats properly for the first time when I read that article. I guess now I should put some action behind my new learnings!
Thanks for the reminder!

shelleyberelli said...

Fab advice! Thanks ladies.