Friday, March 30, 2012

Crafty D.I.Y

Oh Where is the bunny??
Lets share some cute "hoppy projects" today.

Image Source via Tipjunkie

Lets fold some origami bunny boxes, with some awesome guidances via Tipjunkie!
Image Source Eat drink chic

How gorgeous are those free printable tags from Eat drink chic blog!

Image source craftzine blog

And finally, an adorable amigurumi pattern can be found on craftzine blog

Happy crafty  Friday!!


Unknown said...

Those amigurumi bunnies are adorable! No just to find the time to make them.

x Marjon

Pam said...

They definitely are the cutest aren't they!!?? Almost makes me want to see if I can still crochet.....almost! lol. x