Friday, September 14, 2012

Crafty D.I.Y


Today we are looking into some D.I.Y bracelets, right ?! :)

Let's spread the love with this heart pattern friendship bracelet from la manufacture.

Image Source
Some cool jersey knit bracelets here at V and Co.
Image Source
And to finish, the macrame Bracelet at Honestly WTF.
Image Source
Which one is your favourite?

Happy making :)


Anonymous said...

Love those bracelets at the bottom. I may need to purchase me one of those.
I can also see some frienship bracelets being made with my daughter in the coming weeks. Great post as always.

Anonymous said...

and now I have read it properly I realise I don't need to buy one as instructions have been given for me to make my own. Thank you so much for sharing, I wonder if mine will look as good as those in the photo.

wimcee said...

Lovely choice Sandrine - need to try my hand at all of these! xx

Dyani said...

Ooh I will have to try those jersey knit ones!

RitaJC said...

My faves are the macrame ones.
Thanks for sharing!

Sandrine said...

Oh thank you so much everyone for letting us know you like the selection of Bracelets D.I.Y today! I am also planning to make some with my girls! x