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I first met Fee at the BrisStyle Twilight Markets and I immediately warmed to her.  Her smiley face and happy-go-lucky nature was a real joy to be near, especially when it seemed that Mother Nature was against us stall holders for a while!  It was her beheaded bunny hair combs that really interested me (I have always been a fan of little oddities), and those little bunnies were the start of something truly great.  From pouring resin and playing with clay, to tatting and making moulds, all of her products have a great deal of care and love put into them.  So sit back, grab a cup of tea and enjoy, this is the story of DesignByFee...

<3 Amanda 

How would you describe your work?
A mix of old and new, with a twist of geek goth culture thrown in for good measure. I love working with vintage fabrics and vintage crafting methods such as Tatting, but I also love making chunky Doctor Who inspired cameos, gothy rosary beads. I guess its just a retro-vintage-geek-goth mashup of all the things I like.

How did your Etsy shop come into being?
I had been collecting beads and trinkets for a period of time, in the hopes of one day creating my own jewellery. In January 2011 I lost my job for a period of 4 months due to the Brisbane floods, and with very little luck in finding other employment - I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I started making simple earrings and brooches, mainly as a way to keep myself busy and posted the results on facebook. A dear friend and fellow BrisStyler, Nel from Quirkville suggested that I should open up an online store - and with demands from my Facebook friends, I took her advice.

Who or What inspires you?
My biggest inspiration is my family, friends and fellow crafters. I am very lucky to have met so many wonderful and talented artists through the BrisStyle family, their work continues to awe and inspire on a daily basis.

Can you describe your studio / work area? 
Chaotic at best - my work table is generally cluttered and covered in a mix of half finished products and prototypes. I do try to keep it tidy, but I have a bad habit of wanting to make everything, all at once.

What is your favorite thing in the shop at the moment?
My favourite thing in the shop at the moment would have to be the Doctor Who Dalek Cameo necklace - I grew up watching Doctor Who with my dad from a very young age, so it has a little bit of sentimental value behind it. I also loved the process of making the cameo itself, from the hand crafting in polymer clay - to creating a mould and then moulding the final piece in hand coloured resin.

Do you have any other places that people can view/purchase your work? 
Twitter: @designbyfee
Instagram: @designbyfee

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