Monday, September 17, 2012

Photographing Your Creations Wrap!

Brisbane creative's turned out in force for the Photographing your Creations  Creative Development Session on Saturday.  Back by popular demand was the gorgeous Melanie Gray Augustin from Kimono Reincarnate to  share her top tips. 

Mel captivated the audience with her examples of everything from apertures to angles! Mel's session was aimed at beginners and experienced photographers alike with the audience letting out many oohs and aahs from her fabulous examples.

Crocheted flowers by Hazel Arnott decorate the table

As always, the social side of the session was most popular with many familiar faces catching up and swapping creative stories. Once again the handmade morning tea treats were second to none, showing that there is as much creativity in the kitchens of Brisbane creatives as there is in their studios!

There are two sessions left on this years program and all the deets for the fabulous October session are below. Read on and enjoy the tips from Saturday....

Top 10 beginners Tips  from the day: 

  1. Great photo's bring your online store to life - giving personality to the intangible. 
  2. It's important to convey the texture as well as the design of your wares so macro shots are important.
  3. Use natural light where possible. Experiment with different locations in your home.
  4. If photographing during the day isn't possible, then use daylight bulbs in a couple of desk lamps.
  5. To avoid blurry photos use a tripod. This can be as simple as leaning your camera on a fixed object and breathing in before you take your shot.
  6. Make your shots look interesting using different angles and compose your images using the rule of thirds.
  7. Keep your backgrounds simple and choose ones which will enhance the quality of your product. The media love crisp white backgrounds and if photographing small objects such as jewellery, then simply photographing your work on a piece of A4 white paper can make your work look a million dollars! 
  8. Use props or models which relate to, or enhance the end use of your product. 
  9. Look at website's like for inspiration. Study the images which make it to the front page treasuries and adapt your style to suit.
  10. Make photo editing super easy with free online websites such as the fabulous This site allows you create professional images, shop banners, facebook page cover photo's to size and much, much more. 

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Thanks a bunch and we look forward to seeing you all on October 20!

♥ Helen

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