Monday, March 12, 2012

Clothes Swap for a Good Cause

On the 18th of July 2012, Kirsten Roberts from Kedron, will be embarking on an epic fundraising adventure to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. This challenge is on behalf of Amnesty International Australia, an organisation that works to defend and support human rights all around the world (and in Australia!).

“I have chosen to undertake this challenge because I am able bodied, and I feel like this is something I can do to make my little mark on changing or improving the lives of others. One of my favourite quotes is by Gandhi to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.”

At the moment, she is at the very beginning of a long road to prepare herself physically for the challenge. “I will need to get very fit to cope with up to 9 hours of trekking per day in altitudes above 5000m with a 10kg backpack in sometimes, less that convenient weather conditions! But I see this challenge as an opportunity to do something worthwhile for an organisation for which I have great respect”

Kirsten hopes to raise $10 000 for Amnesty International Australia. Traveling to Kenya doesn’t come cheap so to help support her journey, Kirsten has organised a clothes swap.

All of us ladies have beautiful clothes in our wardrobes that we have never worn, or don't fit us anymore - why not liberate those outfits, and swap them for something you will wear!”

- It's environmentally friendly
- It's a great way to get something in return for your unwanted clothes
- It's fun!

- You buy your $30 ticket which entitles you to the swap, a goodie bag and refreshments on the day!
- On the day (or before the day) bring a minimum of 6 good quality clothes or accessories (e.g. bags, shoes or good quality jewellery) and register with them
- You receive one token for each quality item you would like to swap
- Before the swap, you can enjoy yummy refreshments with friends while we get your clothes ready
- When everything is laid out, you get to go in, try on and swap your tokens for new clothes or accessories!!

Hamilton Town Hall
Racecourse Road, Ascot
Sunday 25th March 2012
10am sharp (for clothes drop)

Purchase Tickets HERE.

If you would like to follow Kirsten's journey pop over and like her 
facebook page HERE

Donations can be made to Amnesty International to support Kirsten HERE.

We wish Kirsten the best of luck with her amazing journey.


Natalie said...

Hi! This sounds great, however what happens if all your clothes aren't swapped?

BrisStyle said...

Hi Kittah,

Great Question!
I'm sure if you emailed Kirsten at she would have an answer for you.

Good luck!

Melinda :)