Thursday, May 17, 2012

Calling all crafters to yarn bomb King George Square

Calling all Brisbane crafters, craft groups and collectives to unite on 1 June to yarn bomb King George Square, Brisbane CBD!

"Brisbane nights are gettin' chilly! Calling all crafters to yarn bomb us with some winter woollies!"

As part of BrisStyle's Craft Caravan Festival all Brisbane crafty groups and individuals are invited to yarn bomb King George Square!

When? Friday 1 June, 10am-4pm

Where? King George Square, Brisbane CBD

How does it work? 
You can either yarn bomb by yourself or as a group to your heart's content! If you're feeling a little timid drop your knitting or crochet off to the crafting oasis at the Craft Caravan Festival.

"We'd love some leg warmers to brighten up all those tourists' photos on 1 June!" 

What is yarn bombing anyway?
We like to think of it as a non-permanent crafty style of street art that will warm up the heart of Brisbane's CBD. For some yarn bombing inspiration from around the world check out the Brown Owls Pinterest page.

I don't know how to knit or crochet, how can I take part?
You can learn! There's nothing like learning a new craft and at the next Brown Owls Craft Group meet up held at Imogen's Art Space on Monday 28 May at 6pm you can learn crochet and knitting. It's free and the details of the meet up are here

You can also learn to knit and crochet at the Brown Owls all day meet up on yarn bombing day, 1 June at the BrisStyle Craft Caravan crafting oasis, King George Square.

"I'd love a bit of colour to brighten up my day" said lion number one. 
"I'd like a big beanie!" said lion number two.

Let's spread the word far and wide, feel free to pass the link to this post on to everyone and anyone (or group) you know that might be interested in getting involved. 

The BrisStyle Craft Caravan promises to be an awesome day of crafty workshops, demonstrations, markets, and more! 

Got more questions or want to chat about the yarn bombing? 
Email or

P.S. Did you know that King George Square is also full of luscious trees now which are begging to be warmed up with your UFO (unfinished object) crochet and knitting!


Unknown said...

sweet idea! xxxx

Hot Fudge said...

How I'd love to be there. What a fun day!lysedth opearcat

Susie Bate said...

Are there any recommended sizes we should knit / crochet our pieces to?

Anonymous said...

Just an idea, because I'm not sure what's going to happen to all the bits and pieces after the yarn bomb, but it would be cool if the warm things could be given to the homeless. Or if you could notify salvos/big issue to let their peeps know that once it's over there will be lots of things to warm homeless Brisbanites over winter.

BrisStyle said...

Hi Susie, we'll be spending the day in the crafting oasis putting together bits and pieces of crochet and knitting for the yarn bombing so we're expecting all different sizes and shapes. Even better, have a think about if there is something specific in KGS you would like yarn bombed and you could make something to suit, we're very open to all ideas and suggestions!

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment and excellent suggestion. We're all about re-using and will definitely be donating usable pieces from the yarn bombing, re-configuring pieces into something useable or saving them for future yarn bombing and market/event decoration. All suggestions and ideas are more than welcome!

Rebecca said...

Hi there,

Neat idea. If I can get time from work, I'll come down for a look (& hopefully add a couple of items myself).

On making reusable items - how about scarves, hats, wraps etc to "warm" those statues? Then can easily be passed to someone in need when the event is over.

Maybe tree coverings can be converted to wraps/scarves? I'm sure others are more creative.

Bros said...

Don't forget that you can do this and more at the Warwick Jumpers and Jazz festival - it gets mighty cold up on the southern downs and the trees really need the help!

I look forward to seeing the lions and 'roos dressed up.