Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meet the Makers - Leather Maid

Hey there.  I've got a real treat for you today with an interview from one of our newest members, Jamie Maloney from Leather Maid.

How would you describe your work?
I hand make custom crafted leather pieces.

Who or what inspires you?
Passionate craftsmen and challenging leather pieces.

Do you reduce, reuse, recycle as part of your creative process and if yes, how is your art/craft eco friendly?
Because I work with natural hide, every offcut piece or scrap portion can become another crafted item.  I endeavour to waste nothing and try to incorporate every portion of a hide into a crafted pieces.

Can you describe your studio/work area?
I have created a large work space in the downstairs area of my home.  In this area I have cutting tables, draft tables and storage shelves.  In this space I can research and create designs, store leather, cut and shape leather, carve, tool and lace items and paint, seal and condition leather.

What is your favourite thing to make?
Whatever in leather!

How did you decide on your business name?
Well, I'm a female and I make Leather things so....Leather Maid....I also though it was quite catchy too!

Where do you hope to see your creative journey taking you in the next 12 months?
I'm aiming to have a web presence, some market stall opportunities with BrisStyle and more challenging leather craft commissions.

What is your favourite handmade item that you have bought?
A knitted scots bear with a bagpipe.

Do you have any other places that people can view/purchase your work?
I'm hoping to have web presence in 2013.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Jamie and we look forward to seeing your beautiful work at a market soon!

x Sam

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