Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's HOT & NEW this week!


How gorgeous the weather is becoming around here.
I just LOVE those beautiful Autumn days.

Lots of New creations today to share!

Liz from Creative Arty Facts has been busy creating lots of gorgeous new enamel earrings.
Those would make such perfect treats for mother's day, don't you think?! 
Image courtesy Creative Arty Facts

The lovely Anita from MyClectic is preparing some super sweet new treats for us!
Who can resist a set of gorgeous vintage handmade buttons??!!
Certainly not me :)
Image courtesy of Myclectic

Now Bec from This Lil Piggy is launching some new baby goodness.
Knot just a Peep-Toe it is called and it is very cute too!
Image courtesy This Lil Piggy
Wishing you a beautiful and creative day!
Sandrine ❤

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